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About us

We provide analysis for our client base as we assist in navigating them through the globalized fast-paced dynamic of change that affects the entire enterprise world moving forward.

We continue to develop and implement result-oriented, innovative and adaptive strategies that provide structure to support our clients vision.

As our clients come to us looking to formulate specific strategies to add value to their products or services, we stand at-the-ready to assist; from conception, through implementation and standardization.

Africa Quest assists its clients to develop and use the potential of the private sector in Africa. We provide tailor-made solutions with regard to strategy and business development, project and business implementation and acquisition of financing.

Our clients range from governments, public institutions, multinational to small and medium-sized enterprises, both in and outside Africa, who are interested in trade, investment projects, or other forms of international cooperation.

Through our interventions, we help to create and develop successful and profitable businesses in Africa in numerous industries, ranging from logistics and energy to agriculture and manufacturing.


Integrated approach that exploits synergies in our overall capacity to provide sustainable solutions based on high quality people, strong financial acumen, broad-base knowledge and experience.

The vision and needs of the client are the foundations of our result-oriented analysis, evaluation and implemented solutions.


Project and Enterprise Development
Financial and Asset Management
Impact Investment and Capital Raising


Slide Financial, Asset & Impact Investment Management Financial, Asset and Impact Investment Management refers to systems that monitor and maintain objects of value to an enterprise.
In the case of Financial Management, the efficient and effective management of funds is invoked to assist in accomplishing the primary objective of the enterprise.
Asset Management is a systematic process of operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets in a cost-effective manner. This process applies to both tangible assets and intangible concepts such as intellectual property and goodwill.
Impact Investment Management is an axiom wherein as investments made into companies, organizations and related, funds are invested with the intention to generate social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.
At Africa Quest Holdings, we partner with our professional network of financial/asset management firms to provide comprehensive care and feeding to our clients to expand their investment portfolios as they strengthen their financials and grow their firms.
Slide Enterprise Development At Africa Quest, we embrace the axiom of enterprise development by providing comprehensive management and technical assistance to enterprises who are engaged in any area; be it start-up, re-engineering, mergers, acquisitions and/or expansion of their current business base.

Within our enterprise development model, we invoke our proven systematic approach that drives aggressive and continuous success for our client base which eventually leads to sustained job creation and thus contributes to genuine community wealth building.
Slide Trade and Investment Promotion Broadly defined, this sector refers to a series of activities through which governments, business enterprises and organizations attract inflows of capital, goods and services from a myriad of sources.

At Africa Quest, we engage with our proven T & I partners and together we undertake the investment promotional activity which includes, but is not limited to, making extensive contact with investors, lobbing/interacting with individual firms and organizations as we focus using a “target-oriented” approach to identifying the sectors and projects for our clients.

Finally, in the service of our clients, they are assured to receive exemplary satisfaction along with a fair “return-on-investment” as they engage our firm.

Bridge Builders

  • Although acquiring financing for investment projects in Africa has been a challenging endeavor, Africa Quest is positioned as a successful “bridge-builder” to the infrastructure developer and global investment class, as we provide exemplary services that bring success to the “life cycles” of all projects within our purview.
  • Our firm has partnered with an extensive network of firms in financial services, including but not limited to asset management, multilateral banking, private equity, sovereign wealth and quasi-governmental institutions. This allows us to assist in shaping the proper fit for all of your projects.

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